DRT Alliance held a OFAC, FCPA and AML briefing on the theme “Magnitsky Act and Money Laundering.”

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On March 7, 2019, DRT Alliance held a OFAC, FCPA, and AML briefing on the theme “Magnitsky Act and Money Laundering.”

The event was moderated by AmCham Executive Director Waleska Sterkel, and featured expert speakers Robert Targ (Founding Partner, Diaz Reus Miami), Richard N. Wiedis (Partner, Diaz Reus Washington), Javier Coronado (Associate Attorney, Diaz Reus Bogotá) with an introduction by Juan Sebastian Soto (Founding Partner, A.D. Sosa & Soto, Guatemala).

Over 100 AmCham executives participated in the event at the Westin Camino Real in Guatemala city.