Rizek Abogados announces strategic alliance with US firm, Diaz Reus

Michael Diaz

Rizek Abogados announced its strategic alliance with United States law firm Diaz, Reus & Targ, LLP during a reception at the Real Intercontinental Hotel of Santo Domingo on October 13, 2016, in the presence of prominent businessmen, judges, and important government officials. The alliance establishes just the second U.S. law firm with a local presence in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. José Alfredo Rizek, founding partner of Rizek Abogados, said the alliance will strengthen and expand services for both law firms, as they serve their clients in the Dominican Republic, the U.S., and other countries, worldwide. He said that everyone knows the need to innovate is undeniable. Innovation is a key prong for the firm’s strategic direction.

“The way we do business or resolve conflicts and controversies is now, more than ever, impacted by external agents, transnational legislation, or simply potential partners or competitors that are not within our same geographical boundaries,” he explained. “Attorneys therefore need the support of foreign offices to help in the management of a given case for specialization or knowledge of a particular legislation, and to understand the practices of other countries.”

Mr. Rizek initially established an informal commercial relationship with Miami-based Diaz Reus when he was contacted by the firm seven years ago in the representation of a group of investors that had been victims of fraud in four countries, including the Dominican Republic and the U.S. However, it wasn’t until this past year that the two firms began moving to a more formal alliance.

“When Diaz Reus proposed to formalize this relationship, to include Rizek lawyers as their office in the Dominican Republic, it seemed like the natural outcome after years of friendship, collaboration, and mutual respect. This alliance will now formally offer advantageous benefits for our respective client bases,” said Rizek. “Our current and future customers will have the benefit and support of a true global network of offices that cover not only the U.S., but also Latin America and key business centers in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Diaz Reus offers a world-class service to its customers by leveraging the accumulated experience of offices such as ours, for the purposes of thinking globally, by solving locally.”

Similarly, he stressed that with his new partners they continue to maintain a bond of close collaboration with institutions and governments in order to pursue perpetrators of money laundering, transnational fraud, and other white collar crimes.

“Michael Diaz, Jr., global managing partner of Diaz Reus, has an impressive professional career, both as a public U.S. prosecutor and in private practice,” Mr. Rizek told attendees as he introduced Mr. Diaz. “He is internationally recognized and has earned many accolades. He is an excellent advisor of governments and public companies in the defense of their sovereign interests, but he is also the fervent guardian of private interests, including those involved in conflicts between private companies or administrations.”

Mr. Rizek explained that the strategic alliance between Rizek Abogados and Diaz Reus is also testimony to the business climate in the Dominican Republic, and reaffirms the maturity of the nation. He said it confirms the extent to which the Dominicans have been daring to expand their border and to dabble in transnational businesses, to invest in other countries, and to be efficient receivers of foreign investment from countries, including non-traditional regions, such as Venezuela, Colombia, and Asia.

“This alliance is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and solidarity that characterizes us as Dominicans. Just remember that Diaz Reus would be only the second international law firm with a direct presence in the Dominican market,” said Mr. Rizek, who also pointed out that Diaz Reus has demonstrated success in their performance and enjoys a prestigious reputation in 17 global locations, including Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Caracas, Dubai, Madrid, Brazil, Panama, Honduras, Lima, Bogotá, Frankfurt, and Sidney, Australia, among others.

Mr. Diaz added, “Our lawyers offer a network of international services that can address the most pressing challenges, and present solutions in a timely manner. Without a doubt, the formalization of the partnership with a firm like Rizek Abogados will considerably strengthen the firm’s ability to provide timely, reliable, and effective legal advice.”

Mr. Diaz emphasized the firm’s broad legal experience serving clients in many industry sectors such automotive, aviation, financial, technology, government agencies, agriculture, entertainment, and other transnational conflicts. He added that, “The firm has had excellent success in the defense of its clients, which includes representing sovereign States, government agencies, and individuals in cases such as sovereign immunity.”