Miami and China: Money Laundering Scenarios

A high percentage of organized crime comes from Latin America, that is why the proximity of South Florida with respect to that part of the continent makes Miami, from a paradisiacal tourist entertainment place to a place that facilitates money laundering, as stated by Marta Colomar, lawyer specialized in anti money laundering and Managing Partner of the firm Díaz Reus.

Anti-money laundering

“Unfortunately drug trafficking, organized crime is always ahead of the law, criminal organizations are very sophisticated, they are no longer small cartels that cross borders, this is still being done but now with more sophisticated strategies, to the point of spreading to Asia” .

According to the specialist in the Asian continent, specifically in China a kind of “internal market” for money laundering was developed, but today “Chinese launderers” help practitioners of this crime located in Latin America, which is why the DEA recently issued a report on this situation.

Colomar believes that if it is determined that the China-Latin America connections affect the United States, the new American administration will apply foreign policies that contribute to counteract such crimes.

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