Family attorney: Mexican resort served ‘tainted’ alcohol to 20-year-old American tourist before she drowned

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Diaz Reus Partner Gary Davidson, the attorney for the family of 20-year-old tourist Abbey Conner, who drowned after drinking alcohol at a Mexican resort, said Thursday that the alcohol was “tainted” and her parents are now filing a new lawsuit against the resort.
Attorney Gary Davidson, who is representing Conner’s family, made the comments on “America’s Newsroom,” acknowledging that her family thinks her drowning death more than two years ago could have been avoided.
The lawsuit comes as another popular vacation spot, the Dominican Republic, is making worldwide headlines because of a rash of deaths of U.S. tourists – many of whom became suddenly and critically ill at their hotels.
“It was a very sad situation,” Davidson said referencing Conner’s death after she visited the resort in Mexico.
“Abbey’s a 20-year-old who goes with her family down to the resort and what happens next is she’s served alcohol along with her older brother in a swimming pool that has a swim-up bar and the next thing we know is that there’s an emergency call placed to security as a result of another tourist finding Abbey in the swimming pool drowning and her brother fighting for his life, also injured,” Davidson said.