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Bankruptcy and Asset Recovery

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The growth in cross-border commerce and, subsequently, multinational bankruptcies and liquidations requires sophisticated international know-how to help creditors recoup assets dispersed or secreted in various countries.

At Diaz Reus, we bring our creditors’ rights clients unparalleled experience in international asset recovery and financial fraud cases to assist creditors, liquidators, trustees, and acquirers of distressed assets to identify, locate, and seize financial and other assets around the world.

We employ our powerful international network of Diaz Reus attorneys in Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and our global legal affiliates, consultants, and forensic accountants, financial investigators, and certified fraud-examiners, as well as international coordinates in government intelligence and law enforcement, to ferret out and recoup assets in bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation and other proceedings in foreign venues and the US.

Through insolvency-related investigation, litigation, discovery proceedings, and negotiation, we provide our international and domestic clients an array of proven asset-recovery strategies. Further, you get the personal attention and responsiveness of a top Diaz Reus litigator and consultant.

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