Yamkela Makupula clinches exciting Rockwell-linked alluvial diamond deal

JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly.com) – Alluvial diamond mining investor Yamkela Makupula has clinched an alluvial diamond mining transaction which makes her a 30% shareholder in three diamond assets that have a link with the former Rockwell Diamonds.
Makupula, who leads the Africa growth strategy of international law firm Diaz, Reus, Targ as its Africa CEO, is a former partner of PwC Africa, where her role was dealing with government’s economic policy seeking to solve issues of unemployment, inequality and poverty in order to implement the Vision 2030 goals articulated in the National Development Plan. (Also watch attached Creamer Media video.)
Mining Weekly can report that there are now only about 200 small South African diamond mining operators employing only 5 000 people, compared with the 2 000 firms that were employing close to 25 000 people in 2004 – a 90% decline, something Makupula would like to reverse.
Having invested in Northern Spark, Nastoplex and Pioneer Tender House, Makupula now holds 30% share in each in her personal capacity.