Robert Targ to host FIBA panel on suppressing corruption throughout the world

“Corruption throughout the world needs to be detected and suppressed”, said Robert Targ, founding partner at Diaz Reus International Law firm.

During Florida International Bankers Associations -FIBA-´s Anti-Money Laundering conference next February, the former Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of Florida, will host a panel with representatives from the national intelligence community, the Treasury Department, and the Department of Justice.

“We will be exploring the current strategies on suppressing and defeating corruption in Latin America,” he added. The panel, which will be targeted to an audience of bankers and regulators from LatAm, the Caribbean and the US, will also provide attendees “with the tools needed to accomplish that.”

According to Targ, everybody wants to suppress corruption, and if you have a gold or platinum standard for AML, “you have all of the compliance tools to help you detect corruption in any event.”

The panel will also look to update attendees on some of the various priorities the Department of Justice, the intelligence community and the Treasury Department and FinCEN have articulated in the past months.

For example, the specialist mentions that within FinCEN’s report on corruption’s red flags, a lot has to do with politically exposed individuals, so he highlights the importance of KYC practices.

Do not miss out on how Targ and his guests “weave everything into an effective update as to where things stand about corruption.”

This and more will be covered during the three day agenda packed with relevant discussions and presentations during the premier Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Conference of the Year!