Robert Targ, panelist at the 40th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

Founding Partner Robert I. Targ is participating in three panels at the 40th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime: – How can we best promote and protect integrity in handling other people’s wealth?
– OFAC sanctions – where are we?
– Global corruption, fraud and AML – where are we?

The Cambridge symposium on economic crime is a unique event providing governments, institutions and the academy an opportunity to consider and address, from a practical standpoint, a host of threats to our economic wellbeing and prosperity. Over 600 expert speakers from around the world will focus on an array of issues of concern to those, whether in government, regulation and compliance or just looking after other people’s wealth, posed by fraudster, money launders, organised criminals, terrorist or well-meaning legislators and enforcers trying to protect us, but arguably utilising disproportionate or inappropriate tools.