Fundraiser for Jonah Handler and Staci Fang _Miami Condo Collapse

Hello, I’m Neil Handler, Jonah’s dad. This fundraiser is being created by myself, my fiancée Veronica Fiorini and the Fang Family for our beloved miracle boy Jonah in response to all the incredible love and support from his friends and community requesting to help him in this terribly tragic time of loss and much needed healing. As you can see in the attached video, Jonah was the first and possibly only survivor of the Miami Champlain Tower South condo collapse. As if that traumatic event is not enough for a young teenager to recover from, he also will be grieving the loss of his mother Stacie Fang on the road of healing and dealing with this trauma . Jonah is a sweet and caring boy with an incredible heart loved by everyone who knows him. As we are here feeling completely humbled by God’s amazing grace sparing Jonah’s life in what has been an unfathomable and unprecedented tragedy, any help you provide Jonah and his family with will be used towards his medical expenses, mental health, his mom’s funeral expenses, replacing personal items lost in the debris, his emotional healing and his future education and dreams. Your financial assistance will help him have the bright and awesome future he deserves. All funds received will be used for Jonah’s immediate physical needs and emotional recovery and the remainder will be placed in a trust for his college education.


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