Broward County Judge Grants Motion to Dismiss Against Chetu, Inc.

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Miami, March 23, 2020 – Miami-based global law firm Diaz Reus announces that Broward County Judge Robert W. Lee has granted a motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction against software consulting firm, Chetu, Inc. The motion, brought by Diaz Reus on behalf of an officer of a California corporation that was also sued by Chetu, asserted that the corporate officer lacked the requisite minimum contacts with Florida for the Court to assert personal jurisdiction over him.
“Since 2016, Chetu has sued over 130 of its former clients in Broward County,” said Diaz Reus Partner Brant C. Hadaway. “These are mostly closely-held business entities. However, in 2018, Chetu began to sue not just its former clients, but also principal officers of those clients, based on dubious theories of personal liability such as ‘conversion’ of intellectual property.”
“These corporate officers may have signed Chetu’s standard contract on behalf of their companies,” Mr. Hadaway noted, “but the Court agreed that that is not a basis to exercise personal jurisdiction over a non-Florida resident who has not committed any act in Florida that could render him personally liable to Chetu.”
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