DRT Investigations locate missing person in Miami

Miami-based global law firm Diaz Reus International Law Firm announces that its investigations department, DRT Investigations, has successfully located a missing person in Miami.

Lynne Brooks, Investigator and Business Intelligence Consultant, helped locating a missing 23-year-old female with mental issues. She helped coordinate all the different departments and entities and kept the family calm and informed. She also physically went looking for her at homeless areas and trafficking areas on the beach. She determined where she was hanging out by her ATM withdrawls and her trying to break in a Miami Beach school.

Ms. Brooks notified the Miami Beach Police Department, the Miami Dade Missing Persons Detective, Several Homeless Centers, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, the Fire Department, the Library. She designed a flyer, used by the Philly detective and sent to the Miami Beach PD. The young person was located in one hour.

Lynne Brooks was able to get a lot of information and cooperation from School Board officers and Detectives.
She connected all the different Police Departments with each other including Miami Beach Detectives from Special Victims and Human Trafficking.

The missing person has been recovered and is safe.

About DRT Investigations
In 2009, Diaz Reus created an investigatory ancillary to respond to those requests, forming DRT Investigations, Governance & Compliance LLP. Together, Diaz Reus’s attorneys and DRT Investigations’ seasoned law enforcement professionals provide a powerful resource for clients who require both sophisticated investigations and legal representation in both governmental and internal investigations.
In that sense, the firm has created a global network of attorneys, affiliated law firms and wholly owned branches to coordinate responses to U.S. and foreign government inquiries and investigations.