Diaz Reus, board member at the Bilateral Chamber’s Guyana task force

Houston, TX – May 8, 2024 – DRT attorneys Michael Diaz, Jr. and Phillip Euell attended the prestigious 27th Annual Bilateral Chamber Dinner on Monday, May 6th, hosted in Houston, Texas. As members of the Bilateral Chamber – a preeminent economic development organization established by executive Aida Araissi – they joined key figures from leading organizations such as the U.S. Department of State, ExxonMobil and Aramco. The event featured a dynamic conversation with four-star General Wesley K. Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, who offered profound insights in an intimate and informal setting, covering current geopolitical landscapes, economic trends, and the forthcoming American presidential election. His forward-looking remarks painted a picture of uncertainty yet conveyed a resilient optimism for the future of the United States and the global community. The dinner’s keynote address was delivered by the Honorable Deodat Indar, Guyana’s Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works, who discussed the ongoing rapid growth in Guyana’s sectors of energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and industry, and the opportunities for foreign investment in the country.

The following afternoon, on May 7th, the Bilateral Chamber’s Guyana Task Force held an executive session, with DRT participating as board members. During the session, Minister Indar addressed key topics surrounding Guyana’s development and investment strategies. The official Guyana delegation and the U.S. Department of State provided additional insights, while Michael Diaz, Jr. highlighted vital policy and legislative reforms to tackle the shortage of skilled workers in Guyana’s oil and gas sector.