Yamkela Makupula, Diaz Reus Africa CEO, speaker at the Africa’s Transformational Leadership Summit

Yamkela Makupula, Diaz Reus Africa CEO, will speak at the Africa’s Transformational Leadership Summit, in the panel called «Lessons from women in the hot seat — navigating your way to the top through the «dangers» of leadership», on Sep. 29,2020.

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In 2019 after a series of leadership workshop, Africa for Africa Women launch its first Transformational Leadership Summit with the aim of promoting an environment and organizational culture conducive to equity in the workplace. This event was endorsed and honored by MD of Top Employer Institute, Africa bringing top employers in SA to share their best practices.

The recently-launched African Women Leadership Fund (AWLF) by African Leaders early this year is also intended to develop and strengthen women?s leadership capacity? in the African Continent. This year, the AU is also declared 2020-2030 the decade of Financial and Economic Inclusion of African Women, this inclusive of women occupying decision making positions .

The UN Women in partnership with the UNCSW NGO Action Coalition (Beijing+25 and Generation Equality), is also presenting concrete roadmap towards the acceleration of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls towards the realization of SDG Goal 5.

Against this background , Africa for Africa Women will be hosting its second (2nd) Transformational Leadership Summit under the Theme : Reimagining Corporate Leadership In The Context Of Ubuntu to Create A Progressive And Inclusive Workplace For Sustainable Growth. We therefore expect leaders and aspiring leaders to be part of this transformative event; especially :

CEOs and Executive Management

Head of Public Service Departments

Women leaders and aspiring leaders in Corporate and Public Services

Heads of Strategy and Human Resources Management

Gender desks and gender activist

Women’s organisations

Oversight bodies

are invited to join this empowering online session.