While Venezuela’s Former Treasurer Was in Jail, His Ex-wife Bought Property in Florida

by Frank Lopez Ballesteros 10/15/2022

Approached by Itempnews on multiple occasions during 2022, by phone and e-mail, Michael Diaz, Jr., Andrade’s US attorney, declined to answer questions.

As time went on with Alejandro Andrade, Venezuela’s former National Treasurer, behind bars in a US prison for money laundering, Yanoselli Colmenares, his ex-wife, bought and sold almost a dozen homes in Palm Beach County, Florida. There, the Andrade-Colmenares family was very well off, living on hundreds of millions of dollars from Venezuelan corruption, an Itempnews’ investigation has found.
The compound of eight housing units located in Wellington, Palm Beach, is worth over $3 million, Itempnews found. Two of these houses are rented for $25,000 a month. Still another home was sold in October 2019 for $1.1 million, according to county property records examined for this story.