Letter from Miami Wilds to the Miami-Dade County

October 1, 2023
It is difficult to conceive that a1er 27 years of planning, a series of nearly always unanimous votes by the
Miami-Dade County Commission furthering the waterpark project at Zoo Miami, a voter referendum
which overwhelming supported a mixed use entertainment project at Zoo Miami anchored by a waterpark
to be built in the Zoo parking lot, and an already approved long term ground lease for the project, that the
County has taken the unprecedented step of suing Miami Wilds as a way to exit the ground lease thru the
federal courts. Indeed, the only reason why the County and federal agencies are in federal court in the
first place is because those two parHes messed up.

Unbelievably, a1er 27 years of planning and the obtaining of enHtlements, the Commission and the
administraHon are now quesHoning the suitability of the Zoo parking lot to accommodate the waterpark.
This is all being done without any credible evidence that the project would harm endangered species.
Indeed, the credible evidence indicates the contrary. Numerous opponents to Miami Wilds have been
disseminaHng misinformaHon to the media and the community in order to generate renewed opposiHon
based on falsehoods and innuendo without any public challenge from Miami-Dade County which has been
planning the project for decades.