Miami-Dade distances itself from Miami Wilds water park deal

New developments in the Miami Wilds water park deal indicate that Miami-Dade County is ready to step away.
Miami Herald reporter Doug Hanks said County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava’s staff sent two letters to Miami Wilds developers, demanding nearly a year’s worth of rent owed to the county.
«I would say what’s significant about the communication from the Levine Cava administration to Miami Wilds is it’s really signaling that these two are no longer on the same side working toward getting this commission item passed. The consensus seems to be this has blown up,» Hanks said.
Hanks said that as the election approaches, Levine Cava, who’s running on a platform of environmentalism, seems to be distancing herself from the deal.
On the other hand, Hanks said openly coming out against the development could cost the county.
“What could be at stake is how much they think Miami Wilds might be able to sue them for. I mean, that would be a big, big, big, big, big number. »
County commissioners are set to reconsider Miami Wild’s lease terms in mid-December.