Diaz Reus Bogotá obtained acquittal of client on appeal

Bogotá, September 15, 2022– Diaz Reus International Law Firm (DRT), headquartered in Miami, announces that its Bogotá (Colombia) office successfully represented an American citizen in a criminal case in Colombia, achieving the acquittal of the DRT client before the Court of Appeals of Bogotá. In this case, the American citizen had been convicted at the trial leve to 12 years of imprisonment for entering to Colombia with guns for shooting practice, as part of the checked luggage registered and transported by an airline. Authorities from the U.S and Colombia had checked the client’s luggage before it was picked up by him at the baggage carousel of the El Dorado airport in Bogota.

DRT was able to show before the Court of Appeals, based on evidence collected in Colombia and the U.S, that the client had acted under the absolute conviction that he was authorized to bear firearms in Colombia. For this reason, the Court concluded that an excusable mistake of law had occurred and reversed the client’s criminal conviction. We congratulate our lawyers for this important achievement.