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– In an international commercial partnership dispute, successfully prosecuted and secured return of real estate assets fraudulently transferred and adversely possessed.

– Represented Houston, Texas corporation in successfully obtaining settlement in federal litigation against NYSE-listed oil company, litigated in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

– We successfully represented a large foreign airline company that was fined $75,000 by Customs and Border Protection. We were able to significantly reduce the fine to $500.

– Represent real estate developers in general corporate, transactional, and litigation matters involving multiple commercial and residential projects approaching $1B in gross sales.

– Represented former partners in offshore investment bank group against remaining partners in a multi-million-dollar state complex commercial court action with claims of breach of contract, fraud, negligence, and unjust enrichment.

– Represent joint venture partners in multimillion dollar commercial litigation dispute against founding partners of Miami-based Law Firm.

Won full and complete dismissal of multimillion-dollar claims asserted by a group of Florida companies against a major Chinese garment manufacturer in a federal court action under the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

– Florida Supreme Court Precedent: Argued on behalf of our client that an international sexual assault case should be tried in the United States, rather than Mexico, overturning a Third District Court of Appeal decision.

– Representing a Chinese manufacturer of construction materials in a Florida collection action.

Representing a prominent Guatemalan businessman and one of his companies in a breach-of-contract and fraud lawsuit initiated by a Florida-based medical-supplies distributor.

 Representing a high-profile New York financier and his representatives in a Florida Federal grand jury investigation for the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice allegations.

– Representing US national retail chain against orchestrated nation and statewide attack by competing supermarket chain on restraint of trade and commercial lease dispute.

–  Representing a Peruvian telecom distributor against a Fortune 500 Chicago-based telecom supplier for the theft of trade secrets and commercial interference with distributor’s business operations.

 Representing the former wife of a Chicago bank employee who embezzled $13 million, in a lawsuit alleging she knew of and participated in her husband’s fraud.

 Representing a Venezuelan government banking entity against a prominent South American family in connection with a multimillion-dollar loan guarantee.

 Spearheading the investigation and civil prosecution of major U.S. bank for the verification, deposit and unauthorized withdrawal of Venezuelan government bonds.

Representing a Venezuelan governmental financial institution in U.S. appeal challenging the trial court’s refusal to allow an additional time extension to serve the complaint and serve process on defendants in an outstanding government loan-collection action.

Representing British Virgin Island Board of Directors majority against minority directors’ unauthorized and intransigent acts.

Representing U.S. multinational corporation victimized by fraudulent acts during government bid process in Peru.