Diaz Reus’ offices through DRRT provide services as a litigation funder and class action settlement claims filer, assisting globally diversified institutional investors with the recovery of investment losses resulting from misstatements by public companies. DRRT clients include sovereign wealth and public pension funds, mutual fund companies and (re-) insurance companies, as well as other asset managers from around the world with collective assets under management of over $13 trillion.

DRRT has been pioneering investor protection globally through loss recovery efforts in all major corporate scandals for over 15 years. DRRT’s track record is impressive and includes, among others, record-breaking hallmark results in Europe (Fortis/Ageas – €1.3 billion; Royal Bank of Scotland – £800 million and Royal Dutch Shell – $385 million) as wells as Asia (Olympus – ¥11 billion), plus numerous U.S. class or private actions.

DRRT is also an industry leading, class action settlement claims filing provider for U.S./Canadian and all other collective action settlements. DRRT’s claims filing service guarantees complete coverage of all securities class action settlements, Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) disgorgement settlements, and other collective settlement situations (including Australian and Dutch settlements) along with large global insolvency matters.

For more information please visit www.drrt.com or contact DRRT at 786-235-5000.