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Colonia San José Insurgentes

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Luis Del Valle Gurria

Chief International Tax Advisor and consultant, Mr. Del Valle Gurria is a noted author, educator, consultant and advisor to government and multinational corporations on critical tax matters. He is an experienced corporate tax advisor in M&A, spin-offs and split-offs and mediates shareholder/family inheritance conflicts. Mr. Del Valle Gurria is a former Arthur Anderson and Co. partner, Universidad Iberoamericana professor, and advisor to Mexico City Mayor’s Office Vice-Treasurer.

He is an appointed tax-expert in Mexican tax courts and advises corporations across broad spectrum of tax matters.

Mr. Del Valle Gurria serves hospitality, retail, soft-drink bottling, mining, lumber, paper manufacturing, and automotive companies, and more. He also specializes in helping U.S. citizens working in Mexico with personal tax-matters.

He is a member of the Mexican Institute of CPAs and Coordinating Commission on Federal Tax Auditing.

Professional Leadership

  • Mr. Del Valle Gurria conducts numerous tax courses for the Mexican Institute of Tax Studies, A.C. and he is a frequent instructor at Latin American tax symposiums.
  • His publications include annual updates on Mexican tax laws and various articles in Tax Management International Journal.

Areas of Practice

  • International Government Relations
  • International Tax