Miami-Dade County could award $13.5M for Miami Wilds hotel, water park project

Miami Wilds is closer to becoming a reality, as the Miami-Dade County Commission will review a proposal to award developers $13.5 million for the project. The ownership/development group also includes Michael Diaz of Miami-based Diaz, Reus & Targ LLP; Emmanuel Uche of Miami-based East Coast Development Enterprise; Eamon Smith of New York-based TCS Capital Management; and Andre Portela of Wet ‘n Wild.

Hugo Chavez’s ex-nurse indicted in US for money laundering

Hugo Chávez’s former nurse has been charged with money laundering in a Miami federal court, accused of taking bribes from a billionaire media mogul to green light lucrative currency transactions when she served as Venezuela’s national treasurer.

Claudia Díaz and her husband, Adrían Velasquez, were accused of taking at least $4.2 million in furtherance of the bribery scheme, according to the charges presented Friday. The payments came from companies and bank accounts located in Switzerland to the couple’s accounts in Miami.

Diaz Reus: el servicio al cliente está en su ADN

El servicio al cliente y la defensa de sus intereses está en el ADN de quienes integran el bufete Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance (DRT), pues los abogados trabajan con profesionalismo, ética y un trato único, elementos que les permiten construir sólidas relaciones.
“Además de los muchos años de experiencia, la clave es el trabajo, la coordinación del equipo, la profesionalidad, la ética y el trato a los clientes. Uno de ellos dijo que en DRT no le tratamos como a un cliente sino como a una persona y eso nos da mucha satisfacción”, comenta Marta Colomar-Garcia, socia directora administrativa.

Marta Colomar-Garcia, fortaleza y experiencia en el campo legal

Marta Colomar-Garcia utiliza su experiencia legal de Estados Unidos, España y Latinoamérica para servir a los clientes en transacciones, litigios y arbitrajes comerciales internacionales. Ella es la socia directora administrativa de la firma legal Diaz Reus International, y representa corporaciones multinacionales, gobiernos e individuos en disputas de fraudes financieros, recuperación de activos, y en relaciones gubernamentales internacionales.

What Benefits Do China & Argentina Offer Each Other?

Zhen Pan, associate attorney at Diaz Reus: “The vaccine cooperation between China and Argentina aims to create a win-win situation for both countries to accelerate their process in combating Covid-19, improving people’s well-being and restoring the economy. Since July, two vaccine candidates developed by a Chinese state-owned company have been in the most important Phase III human trial stage, during
which large-scale testing is needed before approval for public use.