Proposed UK law charts a familiar path

The proposed regulations are similar to drone regulations that have been enacted in the U.S., but more stringent. The FAA enacted and enforced drone registration until the U.S. Court of Appeals  declared it unlawful earlier this year. “Fundamentally, this looks like regulations in the U.K. are developing more or less in parallel with the U.S., except that an act of Congress prohibits regulation of hobby drones,” says Brant Hadaway, partner with the Diaz, Reus law firm where he established an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) practice.

In Latin America arbitration wins

Administrative Managing Partner Marta Colomar-Garcia explains that in Latin America the possibility to use international mediation is key to do business.
In order to invest in Latin America, legal security is a key factor. The stability of the legal framework and justice efficiency when the norms must be enforced can accelerate or slow down the entrance of foreign capital.
Although legal security has improved in Latin America, all countries are not equal and in some cases progress is not sufficient. This is why alternative dispute resolution processes such as international arbitration have taken the leading role.

Trump’s Changes to U.S.-Cuba Deal Headed Our Way Soon

On June 16, President Donald Trump announced a cancelation to the post-Dec. 14, 2014 U.S. policy toward Cuba. While speaking before prominent members of the Cuban-American community in Miami, President Trump stated that he is “canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba,” effective immediately. However, the announced changes do not take effect until the new regulations are officially issued by the different U.S. government departments. The Department of Treasury, along with its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), as well as the Department of Commerce, will be among the departments that will each have 30 days to review the changes the president has provided. After the 30-day review, the departments will begin drafting the new regulations. It may be months before the new regulations are officially issued, at which moment everything becomes official and binding.

Four Tips for Ensuring Effective Compliance and Risk Management Programs

By Richard N. Wiedis Companies with strict internal controls, even when operating within a highly regulated industry, are not immune to dramatic and costly compliance or risk management failures. All too often, despite having the foundations of a successful compliance program in place, companies experience dramatic failures resulting in criminal penalties, civil fines, job losses,…