The Department of State Redesignated Cuba on the SST List

On January 11, 2021, the U.S. Department of State (“DOS”) redesignated Cuba on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism (“SST List”) for “repeatedly providing support for acts of international terrorism in granting safe harbor to terrorists.” DOS based its decision on the continuous support by Cuba of the Maduro regime in Venezuela and on Cuba’s refusal to extradite to Colombia certain leaders of the National Liberation Army (ELN), a U.S. designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. DOS held Cuba accountable for harboring individuals wanted or convicted in the U.S. for violent crimes, including an individual on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s List of Most Wanted Terrorists.

The petroleum industry in Nigeria

By Mohammed A. Abubakar, Partner at Fortuna Chambers and member of DRT International Law Firm & Alliance.
The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) is currently under legislative consideration having passed its second reading on 20th October 2020 and represents the most comprehensive review of the legal framework for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria since the industry began commercial operations in the 1960s. The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), an omnibus law is meant to regulate the entire sphere of the industry and repeal most existing oil and gas legislations.

What Has the Digital Silk Road Brought to Latin America?

By Xingjian “Jeff” Zhao, Partner, Head of the DRT Shanghai office.
Five years ago, China’s government introduced its “Digital Silk Road,” a component of the country’s Belt and Road Initiative. Under the Digital Silk Road, China is seeking to improve global connectivity and support the international-
ization of Chinese technology companies. Since its establishment, what has the Digital Silk Road brought to Latin America and the Caribbean? What are the main bene ts of the initiative for Latin America and for China? How will relations and tensions between China and the United States affect the initiative in the region?

Border measures and the fight against counterfeiting in the Republic of Guatemala: some notes of reflection on its importance and actions that can be taken immediately.

By Juan Sebastián Soto L. founding partner, A.D. Sosa & Soto/ Innova IP, member of DRT International Law Firm & Alliance in Guatemala. The State of Guatemala, like many other States, in strict compliance with its constitutional mandates, must protect its people and for this reason, the subject matter of border measures and the sale of counterfeit goods in their countries must be of particular interest.

DRT Miami Year in Review: 2020 FCPA Enforcement

Not surprisingly, 2020 was a very active year for our law firm. Throughout this year, the U.S. Government actively investigated and prosecuted individuals and corporations suspected of being involved in political corruption or bribery in a foreign country under the FCPA and the MLCA. In addition, the U.S. implemented further aggressive measures to fight corruption, including economic sanctions administered by OFAC. And, U.S. anti-corruption agencies released new guidance to further clarify what the U.S. expects from companies with respect to corporate compliance.

2020 Compliance Developments in Colombia

By Marcela Blanco, Partner, and Javier Coronado, Associate Attorney, DRT Colombia.

DRT Colombia is well-known for its white collar, compliance, and corporate practices. Our team of bilingual attorneys certified in anti-money laundering and qualified in Colombia and the U.S. represents individuals and corporations in matters involving criminal law, fraud, corruption, money laundering laws, and economic sanctions. We also represent clients from various industries in capitalizations, entity selection and formation, operating and partnership agreements, securities, contracts and governance matters. The Firm also conducts internal investigations and assessments for clients with concerns that their business practices or certain specific transactions may violate international, U.S. and Colombian legal standards, regulations, and best practices.

Get to Know the Miami Lawyer Behind High-Profile Venezuelan Prosecutions

Michael B. Nadler has switched sides and is now a criminal defense partner at Stumphauzer Foslid Sloman Ross & Kolaya in Miami.
Michael Diaz, a Miami defense attorney who has litigated against Nadler on behalf of Venezuelan clients, said these cases were a testament to an attorney who understood the big picture in rooting out corruption within the U.S. that stemmed from a foreign country.

China y América Latina: las nuevas apuestas económicas de las empresas del país asiático en la región

En diálogo con BBC Mundo desde Shanghái, Xingjian Zhao, miembro de la firma de abogados Diaz Reus y analista de relaciones internacionales, explica que a largo plazo China intenta reemplazar la influencia que Estados Unidos ha perdido en la región y que para eso, está aprovechando todas las oportunidades disponibles, incluso a pesar de la pandemia.