Appeals and Trial Support
Proven success at trial and overturn adverse rulings.

Significant, high-profile victories and precedent-setting decisions in appellate courts for our clients.


Arbitration and Litigation
Agile representation without the bureaucratic layers of larger firms

Our international litigators have successfully handled complex, multi-jurisdictional cases and parallel proceedings for noted multinational corporations, governments and entrepreneurs.


Athlete Representation and Entertainment Law

A team to protect all aspects of the athlete or entertainer's career, brand, and related legal concerns.


Bankruptcy, Creditors' Rights, Asset Collections and Liquidations
Unparalleled experience in international asset recovery and financial fraud cases.

We assist creditors, liquidators, trustees, and acquirers of distressed assets to identify, locate, and seize financial and other assets around the world.


Business Transactions, Contract Laws

Multilingual commercial attorneys, solicitors and foreign legal consultants negotiate and draft contracts and agreements across diverse legal and cultural environments.

Our founding principle is to help clients and their businesses increase their profits, protect their assets and reach their specific goals.


Corporate Finance and Private Equity
Sophisticated practices to secure opportunities

Global corporate finance, private equity and securities experience gives our borrower, lender, buyer, and seller clients sophisticated legal counsel that speeds transactions and captures financial opportunities, worldwide.


Regulatory: Customs, Governance, Compliance, Due Diligence, Investigations

In customs, corporate governance, compliance, due-diligence, and regulatory investigations our skilled and certified anti-money-laundering attorneys, consultants, and litigators represent banks, traditional and non-traditional financial institutions, government entities and officials, and private individuals in OFAC, bank secrecy laws, and money-laundering matters.


Estate & Tax Planning
Multilingual Diaz Reus attorneys orchestrate complex holdings to avoid legal problems and assure impact of your assets to benefit you, your family, your charities, your business and other designees.


Government Relations

We help U.S. companies, multinational corporations and international financial institutions comply with U.S. government and foreign government regulations at all levels, as well as establish global commercial operations.


Family Law

Sensitive and multilingual, Diaz Reus multicultural family law attorneys and solicitors operate successfully across international borders and legal systems in divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody and other multicultural family-law matters.


Financial Institutions, OFAC

Skilled and certified anti-money-laundering attorneys, consultants and litigators, Diaz Reus represents banks, traditional and non-traditional financial institutions, government entities and officials, and private individuals in OFAC, bank secrecy laws, and money-laundering matters.


Fraud and Asset Recovery
Vast experience in international fraud and asset recovery

Employing our global network of attorneys, solicitors, investigators and consultants we search and secure assets for victims of international fraud schemes.


Immigration for Business and Individuals

Diaz Reus immigration lawyers expedite employer immigration-compliance, employment-based immigrant visas, family-based immigrant visas, naturalization and non-immigrant visas, globally.


Intellectual Property

From Dubai to Peru, from Chicago to Costa Rica, from Japan to Venezuela, our globally savvy intellectual property attorneys deftly negotiate and prepare cross-border license and franchise agreements and manage international brand-protection programs for our worldwide clients in telecommunications, business solutions, technology, manufacturing , publishing, and more.


Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Diverse expertise, leadership, and skill

We provide mediation and conflict resolution services, including negotiation, change management, communication expertise, and facilitation for businesses, teams and individuals.


Merger & Acquisition

We assist with financing, structure transactions, negotiate the deal, document the transaction, and work to comply with complicated cross-national laws and regulations.


Personal & Business Services

Diaz Reus offers a range of personal and business services for individuals, families, and closely held businesses across Latin America, the Caribbean, the U.S., the E.U., the Middle East, and Asia.


Real Estate

Our international real estate attorneys, solicitors and consultants help our clients—from Chinese governmental entities to Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals—build, buy, sell, lease, and protect international real estate holdings of all types and sizes.


White Collar Criminal
Decisive, dependable and proactive

Diaz Reus white-collar defense attorneys provide personalized service, crisis management and deep experience in the judicial criminal-process.


Representative Cases

Our multicultural, multilingual attorneys provide deft international legal representation in high-stakes litigation and precedent-setting legal matters.

Highly publicized cases:

Traffic Sports v. Honduran Soccer Federation (Fenatuth)

Diaz Reus attorneys successfully defended the Honduran governments' Soccer Federation in a heaviily contested international arbitration, a classic David vs. Goliath commercial dispute over sports marketing and television rights.

Guevara v. Republic of Peru.

Comparing Peruvian President Fujimori’s spymaster and confidant Vladimiro Montesinos to “Rasputin, Darth Vader, Torquemada and Cardinal Richelieu”, the Federal Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit overturned the dismissal of Diaz Reus' lawsuit against the Republic of Peru, flatly rejecting Peru’s defense under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act (FSIA).

Diaz Reus' client Jose Guevara sued the Republic of Peru for failing to pay a $5 million reward owed him for information he provided law enforcement authorities that led to the capture and arrest of the international fugitive Montesinos. The court concluded that the offer of an award was a “commercial exception” to the FSIA because the Republic of Peru was acting no differently than a private citizen and thus was not protected by immunity offered to foreign sovereigns under the FSIA.

This is a pivotal case in today’s post-9/11 environment, where rewards and bounties are routinely offered by governments for the capture of international fugitives and terrorists, such as Osama Bin Laden.

Judgment was entered in Mr. Guevara's favor for $8.2 million excluding attorneys fees.