Regulatory Compliance

In customs, corporate governance, compliance, due-diligence, and regulatory investigations our skilled and certified anti-money laundering attorneys, consultants, and litigators are called upon to represent banks, traditional and non-traditional financial institutions, government entities and officials, and private individuals in OFAC, bank secrecy laws, and money-laundering matters.

From China to the Middle East and from Latin America and the United States to Europe, international and domestic financial institutions, banks, money transmitters, Casas de Cambios, and Hawalas, trust our global network of attorneys and affiliates to coordinate responses to U.S. and foreign government inquiries and investigations. We collaborate seamlessly to ensure detection and prevention of regulatory violations.

We help U.S. companies, multinational corporations, and international financial institutions comply with U.S. government and foreign government regulations at all levels, as well as to establish and maintain their global commercial operations. Multilingual Diaz Reus international government relations attorneys help clients navigate murky legislative, legal, trade, and regulatory waters worldwide, including lobbying before foreign governmental bodies and agencies.

The worldwide reach of our regulatory attorneys provides international clients seamless access to experienced counsel. They are well known and highly regarded speakers at national and international conferences on banking and anti-money laundering issues, frequently tapped for media appearances and legal topic analysis, and many author articles on international financial services and money-laundering investigations. For the past three years, the firm has written the Overview chapter of Business Crime in Latin America: The International Comparative Legal Guide to Business Crime (Global Legal Group Ltd., London), as well as the chapter on Business Crime in Colombia.

Diaz Reus is repeatedly recognized by international ranking-organizations for its abilities, leadership, professionalism, and high ethical standards.

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  • Corporate compliance, customs, banking, & tax
  • Investigations, statutory & regulatory compliance
  • Financial services, OFAC, bank secrecy laws, & other money-laundering prevention & control regulations
  • Government & internal corporate investigations
  • Due-diligence inspections & banking operations analysis to determine potential money-laundering risks
  • Designing & implementing comprehensive money-laundering prevention systems
  • Representing banks and international financial institutions before regulatory agencies, providing defense against civil fines, cease-and-desist orders, injunctions, and other regulatory actions
  • Providing spirited defense and litigation support in civil and criminal forfeiture actions as well as criminal money-laundering and administrative prosecutions before all courts, regulatory and investigatory bodies in all international and domestic jurisdictions