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Manuel Arturo Soto

Manuel Arturo has been a practicing attorney since graduating with a law degree from Universidad Rafael Landívar in 1969; first as a partner at Soto & Soto, a firm founded by his father in 1931, and later, after the merger of three prestigious local law firms, as a partner at A. D. Sosa & Soto. His practice is centered on corporations, especially mergers and acquisitions, and other operations involving the sale and purchase of assets. He has specialized in contracts, in particular in the banking and financial sectors, and he has provided legal counsel for several local and foreign banks. As the legal vice-president for Latin America of a multinational company, he understood and worked effectively with the legal systems of the countries in which this company had operations.

Aside from his strictly professional activities, Mr. Soto has served his country in several other capacities. He was elected to Congress and then elected vice-president of the legislative branch. During his term he served on the legislative, constitutionality, and money and finance committees. While on the legislative committee he was responsible for putting into effect judicial reforms that included a criminal procedure code, the law of the public prosecutor’s office, and the arbitrage law. Similarly, the money and finance commission proposed reforms to the country’s financial system so that its laws would adhere to the Basel Accords.

Mr. Soto also represented the Guatemalan legislature upon being elected vice-president of the Latin American Parliament. After completing his term in Congress he was named the congressional representative to the monetary board of Guatemala’s Central Bank (junta monetaria del Banco de Guatemala).

Congress also named him justice to the Supreme Court. During his tenure, he headed the commission to modernize the Supreme Court and the judicial system.

He briefly served as minister of the interior under President Oscar Berger, who later named him to diplomatic posts. He served as Guatemala’s ambassador to Mexico and Jamaica—a post he carried out from the headquarters in Mexico City— until February 2008, when he rejoined A. D Sosa & Soto.

During the time he held the positions of legal vice-president for Latin America for a multinational corporation, Supreme Court justice, and ambassador of Guatemala, the firm extended Mr. Soto a special leave of absence from his law practice


  • Universidad Rafael Landívar Law School, Guatemala, 1969


  • Guatemala

Areas of Practice

  • Business Transactions, Contract Laws
  • Corporate Finance and Private Equity
  • Foreign investment
  • International Trade
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate